Come Let’s Build (To Live In Peace)

I have gone back and forth on posting about the shooting in Orlando. 

Am I really connected? 

Do I have the right to speak? 

What does it say if I am silent?

These and other questions made me pause, but I have decided that the Orlando shooting is something I want to address. Also, let’s be honest about the fact not that many people are going to read this anyways. Please show grace and allow me this as it may be at most therapy for me.

Quick side it’s: Everyone should stop and read Eric Case’s post. He says much of how I feel and does so in a beautiful way. Please use this moment to take in his words.


I am saddened by what happened in Orlando this past Sunday. We all should be. Whether connected to people directly impacted or not we should as human beings feel sadness.

I also feel saddened by the cacophony of voices sounding off. This is part of why I was unsure of posting. To take from a Switchfoot song, I do not want to be “adding to the noise”.

This is our world and it is one of divisions. Our country is a great example of that currently. Orlando is an example of how division can lead to hate and tragedy.

Let me make one thing clear before going on.

There may and probably is blame to go to around, BUT there is no place to blame the people attacked that night at Pulse. That is disgusting. 
So why did this happen?
Did the man do what he did because he was a terrorist? Because he was Muslim? Was he queer? Was it because he was confused? Did he hate? Was it due to mental health unchecked?

I do not know. Possibly no one truly knows.

In response people are pointing fingers. They are commenting as if they do know. 

Blame the terrorists. 

Blame the Christians. 

Blame the Muslims. 

Blame the white privilege. 

Even as far as to say blame the innocent people in Pulse. 

I hope I have made myself clear on that last one.

Immediately this blaming as well as the media turned to politics. Which led to attacking politicians for the political references. 

“This person said that! So and so believes this. His dad is quoted saying ‘My son was not gay.’ Conservatives say… Social media posts saying…”


Let us all stop for a moment. 

People died! People were hurt! Innocent blood was shed.

Turn down the noise. 

Stop the blame.

Quit talking politics.

Hold back the anger.

No more what we THINK we know!

This can come later. Sadly, we can bank on that it will.

For now let us admit what we DO know.

Something horrible happened.

A terrible act that lacked love took place.

Now, let us put the energy that we use to blame, argue, etc and put that in love. 


Through love maybe we can find peace for those that need it. 


Neither of these are found in the blame. They will not happen amidst divided sides arguing with one another. There is no piece in building walls of hate.

Love and peace.

Let us focus on these alone.

Love those that are hurt. 

Love everyone.

Make peace with each other.

As a Cristian let me try for some peace by saying that I am sorry. I am sorry for those claiming Christ while acting in hate. I am sorry. No where does such behavior find justification in my faith. I am sorry.

I will end with this:

I heard a song this week and it immediately touched me in regards to this past Sunday.

The song is ‘Build A Bridge’ by Nahko and Medicine for the People. 

I doubt it was meant to speak to an act of terrorism (yes it was terrorism), but it fits perfect. Check out this video of the song. Listen to the message. The glory comes near the end as the crowd sings along voices undivided.

I have come to build a bridge. So come let’s build…I have come to live in peace. So come let’s live.

This is my hope. No more division. We do not have to agree to live together in harmony.

Tear down the walls and build bridges from the rubble.

Love and peace.
with hope



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