Thank God For the Work


Here is the second post in the co-op blog. If you missed out on the debut idea of a community of bloggers writing on the same topic please go back to my post Hiding The Tears. You can check out The Superstache’s blog for his post on it titled Men Don’t Cry.

This will also be the first post that is on my new site LIFEONWARD. The post will be here and there. I will be posting on both for a little while until I faze this blog out completely.

Now that all of that stuff is out of the way on to the topic!

I have been thinking, and I would even say battling this issue for a while now.

In today’s America there are those that work hard and climb. They see hard work as the opportunity to prove themselves. They grow, improve and get to a higher place. Be it in relationship, career, art or whatever these people work hard and climb in life. They have earned where they are.

In comparison to this type of individual there are those (their number is on the rise I believe) that sit back and expect to just get to the top. There seems to be some belief that it should be given to them or offered without any proving ground. I would say these people feel entitled.

I will be the first to admit I can be very lazy. I start things, or want to do things that never happen. The main reason they do not happen is that I do not put forth effort. Take for example this blog. I have been writing here for quite a few years now, but my readership is very small. Main reason for this is very likely the fact I have not taken it real seriously. I have gone months without posting. I have rushed through finishing a post and therefore the content is subpar.  I realize I am the reason for this and as I launch a new site and look towards other projects this year I am putting forth the effort to really take it all serious. Things like the co-op blog are opportunities to build my audience IF I am willing to put in the work, if I am willing to earn it.

I am not entitled to an audience of readers.

I come in contact with this idea of earned versus entitled often working with musicians in my business promoting, booking and creating events.

When I promote a show I know that I need to do certain things. To be successful I have a part to play. I should not expect people to show up, bands to be pleased, etc if I do not promote, communicate clearly, and manage a number of other moving parts. If I do not do these things then I will not get an audience. I will not earn respect of musicians and other promoters. I will likely get a negative reputation that will hurt my business. I need to earn the reputation and success I have and want to have in the future.

I understand this, but many bands and artists seem to not. I constantly run into the problem of acts wanting to play and get paid, but not promote the show. They choose to not sale tickets before. I see their lack of promotion. They just show up and play. They then often complain about the lack of people in attendance. They also have issues with not getting paid what they think they should. The reality is in smaller shows that I do the pay out is in large part based on attendance. When you do not promote yourself it leads to people not coming out to see you. That leads to less money made at the door to be given in pay out.

Here is another example:

Recently, I had a conversation with a very talented singer songwriter. She was saying how she would like to start playing long sets at some local cafes, bars, etc to get her name out there and also have the income. I personally can say she is very talented and could do well. Why is she not doing this? I cannot say for certain, but part of it may be in this comment she made

“I don’t want to have to audition.”

She wants to get these gigs, but not audition first. There is entitlement in this I believe. If she (you) feels she (you) can do it, is good enough, has the drive, etc why would she (you) not look at an offer to work and prove herself (yourself) as opportunity? The fact of the matter is we have to earn things in this life. Just like she cannot go into a venue in a town that is full of very talented musicians and land a good gig, none of us should expect to get to where we want to be without working our way up.

The opportunities to climb the ladder are also opportunities to learn. These are chances to gain experience, network, learn needed tools, grow as a person, etc. Lots of good things that help us be better at what we are doing. When we feel entitled instead of trying to earn we miss out on these opportunities. Experience speaks volumes because the more experienced climber is often better suited for the height they climb too. Those that somehow get a lift to the top without climbing lack that experience. They therefore are often not suited for their height. The view may seem enticing, but what about when things get tough and everyone up high has to look down? Without the experience of earning will the entitled be able to handle it? Most often I believe the answer is no.

Instead of looking at climbing up the ladder as time consuming hard work look at it as opportunity to gain experience and prove yourself. Clear your lazy eyes of the entitlement and welcome the chance to earn knowledge and respect.

Do what Jason Isbell does on his song Something More Than Free and “Thank God for the work.”

Be sure to check out my new site LIFEONWARD and join me in moving there. Also, check out the other posts on this topic from other co-op bloggers coming over the next few days.

The Superstache

One Crazy Adventure

Michael Nease

with hope



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