… Feels So Peaceful

I mentioned last Thursday in my “Disconnected and It Feels…” that I was going camping. While gone the plan was to disconnect from social media, email and all the distractions of our culture.

I wanted to get away. While getting my clothes and supplies (mostly snacks) ready I kept singing the same song over and over. I will post said song at the bottom, but for now

Here is what happened:

Thursday I met my friend The Superstache around 3:30 at the campsite.

It was raining. Not a terrential downpour, but a constant rain that varied in force over time.

This was frustrating to say the least. Every time the rain started to let up and we began to get camp set it would start with new vigor. It continued this way for several hours as we made a fire, set up tent and did our best to keep wood for the flame dry. We were wrestling with mother nature while becoming ever more soaked and cold.

Let me just say this was not how I wanted to start the camping trip.

Once the tent was up drenched clothes were changed for dry. My one pair of shoes were set out to dry since they were soaked as well.

Around 11 pm the rain stopped. We were able to gather around the fire that seemed to be as stubborn as us. We each smoked a cigar, drank a brew, absorbed the heat and talked about how we “beat the rain” AND how good it felt to be drying out. Soon as the stogies were burned down we went to bed thankful for dry sleeping bags.

Then came the morning


No rain.

We ate a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked in a cast iron skillet over our enduring fire. Then we took a hike through Princess Place Preserve.

From this point on the trip was fun.

We had sun light. Trees blocked the strong winds. Food was delicious. Saw a bald eagle in it’s nest. We talked without distraction about current and future projects, life, etc. At times we were silent and enjoyed the nature around us. I had some juvenile fun “being manly” as I made a walking stick with a nice hatchet and buck knife. It was too windy to fish, but still was enjoyable casting out. My father joined us in the afternoon as all this continued on until leaving the following morning.

Life was calm.

In contrast to the frustration of the rain the first night the rest of the time was serenity.

Thinking on it later I realized one thing that was missing, but not missed. The constant chatter of our world was gone. By not getting on any social media, email etc I was free of things like political rants, world media vomit, notifications, work email… etc.

I was able to enjoy the moment, the company and the beautiful surroundings. There was no getting fired up by some crazy post. No worry about the notifications and stats on upcoming shows I had booked. NONE OF IT!

I enjoy current technology. I enjoy being connected in a lot of ways. If not, I would not have the smart phone, this blog or the future plans of podcast, etc. I do a lot of the current social media trends, but I also try to realize there can be too much. Being disconnected for a short time made me realize how nice it is without all these things grabbing my attention. Constantly pulling here and there. My emotions constantly tugged.

Disconnected and it feels so peaceful.

Know what else? Nothing major happened. I did not miss anything crucial. If there had been an emergency my phone would have rang. I missed out on nothing.

What I did do was I enjoyed the moment and in it I had everything.

The next time you feel like me and singing “I want to get away. I want to fly away…” I will do like I did this past weekend.


Disconnect. Take a day or maybe just a few hours here and there. You may realize how much being connected has you missing out on.

Now here is some Lenny for ya!

with hope





2 thoughts on “… Feels So Peaceful

  1. Superstache says:

    It was a monsoon while I was waiting for you. Haha. This is something I need to do more often. I catch myself checking my phone notifications during dinner and my wife gives me that look. At that point I know I need to turn it off completely. Thanks for the reminder.

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