Ch ch ch ch changes

Before getting to the point of this post let me take a moment to say that David Bowie was an artistic marvel. He made a major impact in music and the world of art as a whole. It is a coincidence that the title of this post has inspiration in one of his well known songs, but even in coincidence I must pay respect.

With that out of the way let me get to the point.

This year I am making some changes.

I am becoming more serious about the art of communication.


This means there will be some changes coming to this blog in the next few days and weeks. This is largely due to the fact I am trying to focus more on making this a respectful site. I use the word site because it will not just be a place where I blog. The blog will still be a major focus as I go through life trying to live out my faith. I will still be inspired by art. I will continue to talk about the work of creating true community as I move forward with planting a church. I will still share the lessons I learn amongst all of this, BUT it will also be a site for me to promote some other projects I am working on.

  • I have teamed up with my friend and fellow blogger The Superstache to write on the same topic once a month. Each of us take the topic and write our own post. This may lead to inviting a few others in the future and creating a community of bloggers.We are calling it the Co-op Blog.
  • Born out of the Tuesday night men’s group I started last year known as The Kooks a few of us are in the early stages of starting a podcast. I am pushing for it to have the same name as the group. This podcast will be about life from our point of view as we strive to live out our faith and dreams amidst everything this world throws at us in everyday life.
  • The site will also help to build the online brand of my side business Bleeding Tree Entertainment. BTE is a business I started years ago in Tallahassee while working small time in the local music scene. Not long after moving to St. Augustine I made the company legit and since then have cemented myself locally doing events, booking and promotions. As the business grows I am looking to grow it’s reach and in doing so help musicians and artists I come in contact with.

All of this will be coming over time.

Along with these new additions will be a new look and a new name. This blog has been an afterthought for too long and the look of it shows that. Time to clean it up and get snazzy with it! Along with a serious look for the blog and these other projects I will be creating a cohesive online name or a “brand” if you will. WARDSANOXYMORON is just too long and cumbersome.

Changes are coming.

So in honor of these changes who better to send this out than the late and great David Bowie, an artist known for change and his ability invent and re-invent.

Sing along and be on the look out for the first installment of the Co-op Blog very very soon!


with hope



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